The Crownguard Conspiracy

It takes a wizard to catch a wizard.

After ten years hunting thieves and murderers, Cornelia thought she’d seen the worst her fellow wizards could do. But when someone steals the elixir she needs for her work, she uncovers a plot that would plunge the wizard’s guild into war: one that would cost thousands of lives. Starting with hers.

Just to complicate things, her superiors have lumbered her with a shape-changing assassin who isn’t overly fond of wizards – and he’s kind of creepy.

Her investigations lead her to the city of Crownguard where her guild is feared and mistrusted. As her enemies start to seem more honest than her allies, Cornelia must choose who to trust.

How will she resolve her loyalty to her guild with her growing sympathy for the people of Crownguard?

If you like fantasy adventure with relatable characters and plenty of twists and turns, then find it on, Amazon UK and other Amazon stores.

Crownguard Conspiracy on Amazon

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